Arbor Anesthetics – Innovative Pain Management Solutions for Tree Pruning

We’re revolutionizing the tree trimming industry! IntroducingArbor Anesthetics – the new technology that allows us to humanely trim your trees. Now you can rest assured – your tree will feel absolutely no pain during the limb removal process! Isn’t it time we treated our trees with more respect?

APRIL FOOLS! But all joking aside, there is a right and a wrong way to trim a tree. Every cut is a wound. Trimming a tree correctly leverages a tree’s own recovery system, which walls off decay and prevents the spread of disease. 

Here are FIVE ways you can prevent harm to your trees:Flush Cuts – Improper Pruning TechniquesMulch – but not too much!Will cutting into a tree’s roots harm the tree?DIY Tree PruningTree Topping Hurts
​Don’t fool around with your trees! Hire a professional, Certified Arborist, like Arbor Aesthetics Tree Service!